Ballet Brilliance!


I was going to tweet about this but I felt it needed much more appreciation and recognition than 140 characters.

Its inspirational to try any new fitness activity but getting into ballet when you aren’t five deserves a massive pat on the back in my opinion.

I’m pretty sure Fiona would have felt a little apprehension before starting the class, which is normal but she didn’t let this put her off and as you can see front her post above really enjoyed the session.

This is what Fiona said about starting the class.

I wanted some form of sport/exercise that I could really get my teeth into, but that I would enjoy and not see as a chore, so I thought about ballet, made some enquiries and found ‘The Lord’s school of dance’ (Summit House, Eyre Street, Sheffield). I emailed the owner –Lisa Mitchell and mentioned my physical situation and would she let me have a couple of private lessons, see how I get on and then at some point join the public lessons.

So last night was the first lesson. A lot of the theory came back and Lisa said I had a great ‘turnout’ –first position with my feet and good posture. We did a fabulous dance routine to Adele’s ‘Set fire to the rain’ as well as exercises for arms and legs. I was quite uncomfortable at first standing in front of a whole wall of mirror but Lisa was wonderful –so encouraging, made me feel really great and I had such a great time. I got cramp in my toes, my legs and arms and back were killing afterwards (reckon that makes me a ballerina!).

Lisa said I will be fine going straight into the public class next Tuesday …. I will be nervous, but it will encourage me to go to the gym in between and build up my fitness –this together with healthy nutrition. I did a ‘Naturpathic Nutritional Healing’ course with Clare Shepherd that will get me back to the person I’m meant to be –as you can probably guess I’m totally uncomfortable and do not like being overweight and unfit.

Well done Fiona. Inspirational!!

You connect with Fiona on Twitter @The_IT_Trainer

What activity/sport/class would you like to try but feel nervous about? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. Hi Aimee – thank you so much for your tremendous support and kind and encouraging comments. It was the 2nd ballet lesson last night and it was the public adult lesson/class (first of term).

    Nerves were there but my friend came along too, both of us not confident physically. I think she was slightly more nervous than me as I’d had the private lesson (a massive help!) last week.

    After some warm up feet and arm exercises at the bar, we both soon got into the flow – and we were doing a routine to the theme from Titanic, plus some amazing footwork exercises and plies and sauteeing (jumping) to ‘The Muppets’ theme tune (yes really!!) (heavens my feet and legs are SO aching today!) and finishing with some amazing hand and feetwork to a ‘tango’ style piece.

    Already we are both feeling part of the team, such a fantastic group and Miss Lisa is amazing and roll on next week! 🙂

  2. Week 3 tonight, my friend couldn’t make it but I went on my own – I couldn’t wait. After some warm up exercises and some real serious leg work at the bar (oh my, my legs were almost numb!) we did a beautiful routine to a piece of music called ‘Comptine d’un autre été’ – it was a beautiful piece of music (adapted for ballet) and although I know I’m no Darcy Bussell physically (yet!), while I was dancing I felt like a fantastic, elegant ballerina. They say you always remember your first love, well I know it’s a bit corny, but tonight this was my first love in a ballet routine sense – we did a routine to the whole of this wonderfully atmospheric piece music – lots of plies, arabesque arms, turns, pointing and much more! Naturally I was exhausted at the end, aching all over (and will be for the next 3 days!) but yet again I am buzzing and loved every single second of the lesson. Roll on nexxt week! 🙂

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