Avoid anything deep fried e.g. spring rolls, prawn toast, battered balls, fried rice

Choose chicken or prawn dishes with boiled rice and vegetables


Avoid creamy curries such as korma and masala, naan, bhajis, pakoras and poppadoms

Choose tandoori or madras dishes with chicken, prawns or vegetables with plain rice and chapatti


Avoid deep pan pizza, stuffed crust, fatty meats, triple cheeses, creamy sauces, extra garlic bread

Choose thin crust pizza with lean protein such as chicken with lots of vegetables, tomato based pasta sauces with a side salad

Fish & chips

Try to avoid pies, battered sausages, bread & butter

Choose small portions and if possible fish in breadcrumbs

Kebab & burgers

Try to avoid doner kebab, burgers with mayonnaise and cheese

Choose chicken kebab in pita bread and salad without mayonnaise and cheese

and…enjoy your weekend 🙂

Published by fadfreenutrition

I am a registered dietitian with a passion for promoting healthy living without any fads.

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