I dream of spending a morning in the gym. To have a full gym session that includes cardio, weights, my ipod and even a sports bra would be fantastic. Followed by a nice cool down with a few gentle laps of the pool and sauna and steam room.

However my reality is that I have a toddler and a newborn and I don’t have the luxury, finances or childcare to spend my days playing in a gym. One day I will (hopefully in my own gym!) But right now time spent with my family is just too precious and treasured.

A moment of quiet time for baby means a moment of exercise for me!

So my exercise fits in around my family. For the past month I have trained nearly every day. I try to do something most days and if one day I don’t get chance I make sure the next day I definitely make time in my day to exercise. I never go two days without doing some form of exercise.

This may seem like a massive feat however the secret is that some days I might only manage a fifteen minute session. I don’t beat myself up about that as I push myself hard in the sessions I do and make every minute count. I also know that eventually all my little sessions will add up and give me massive results.

My bigger and longer sessions are mainly at the weekends when the babies are playing with daddy. I use high intensity interval training or tabata to maximize the short amount of time I have to exercise. This is the type of training I do with all my personal training clients because it works and it gets results.

I also walk whenever and wherever I can. Be it to a toddler group during the week or a family walk at the weekend. I manage to fit in a 10km power walk once a week by walking to a toddler group. Its 5km there and the same back. I use the runkeeper app on my phone to track my walks and I try to beat my previous times on my regular walks. I get some exercise, the kids get some fresh air before getting some exercise of their own at toddler group and then they nap on the way home. I’m back in time for lunch.

Fitting in exercise doesn’t need to be hard work you just need to be clever and take advantage when the opportunity arises. Don’t be put off if you only have five minutes free. See the workout I managed in less than (just!) five minutes on my Instagram.
Let me know what time you got!

Published by Aimee Pearce

Fitness sessions, personal training sessions and online training options for busy women and mums. Helping women to find the time, commitment and passion for exercise and adventure in Sheffield.

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