My Year In Fitness – Day 26 #MYIF2014

Bit of an unusual one today!

Tonight I attended a staff training session in the pool, learning how to get a person who has suffered a spinal injury out of the water and onto the side. I was there to see the process so I can assist if required.

Wow! I totally take my hat off to all you life guards. Lots of swimming (obviously!) but also dragging a person to the side of the pool as well as lifting the person, as part of a team, out from the water on a spinal board all in shorts and t shirt!

I didn’t realise (or even thought about) how physical the job could be. Obviously we hope that the majority of the time there is no need for the lifeguards to be in the pool but they still need to be strong enough to deal with an emergency when it arises.

Published by Aimee Pearce

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