My Year In Fitness – Day 34 #MYIF2014


Tody I used my TRX for the first time this year. I love the versatility of this piece of kit and the added challenge it gives bodyweight exercises. The TRX is a suspension trainer which makes exercises harder by bringing in more of the stabilising muscles, meaning your body has to work harder than if it was completing the same exercise using a resistance machine.

The benefit of using suspension trainers is that the are very portable and so can be used inside and outside. They also are great for travelling or spending time away from home as they are easier (and lighter) to transport than a set of dumbbells.

I did a full body circuit that included

Hamstring curls
Bicep curls
Chest press
Jump squats
One leg lunges

For more exercises and routines using a TRX system have a look at my TRX Training Board on Pinterest.


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