My Year In Fitness – Day 62 #MYIF2014

So spring has finally arrived, milder, sunnier and greener. It was a glorious spring day today in Sheffield and where do I end up exercising?


On my bathroom floor!!!

Hubby got in the bath with the kids so while they were in I did some exercises. Normally I could have come downstairs but the littlest is in a clingy phase at the moment and needs to have me in sight at all times!

Wih very limited space I managed to do

Press ups
Side plank
Hip bridges

A lot of the sessions im doing are far from my ideal (most of the time im in pjs!). However with a young family I need to take the opportunity to exercise whenever I see it, even if it does mean on the floor of my bathroom!!

Where is the strangest place you’ve exercised?!


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