My Year In Fitness – Day 77 #MYIF2014

Today I am going wheat free!

I have suffered with psoriasis since school but recently it has got worse. I have researched which foods can effect psoriasis and wheat is a common one that is linked to auto immune diseases (which psoriasis is).

Whenever you undertake a major diet change its always tricky to begin with. It helps to be prepared and have a few fall back easy recipes or snacks to hand so if you do get hungry you aren’t tempted by the first thing you can lay your hands on!

Ill let you know how I get on but if you have good wheat or gluten free recipes please share them with me.

Bye Bye bread!

Published by Aimee Pearce

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  1. How’s it going? I’ve had psoriasis for 27 yrs & now have 2 other inflammatory conditions which are getting me down. I’ve been reading a lot about foods that affect it & so am going to try a diet very similar to what this organisation reccomend in the following link.
    The diet I’m trying is by Dr John Pagano here’s the link to his book which I have about psoriasis, causes, testimonials & recipies. Theres a lot to take in but basically he says to cut out the following but doesn’t mention gulten. Having said that it seems that any toxin or acidic food that your body has to process can cause it.
    I’m just starting it this week. Going on the date of your blog you’ll have been 3 months gluten free… Please can you let me know if it worked & if you were able to stick to it.
    List of foods to avoid for psoriasis
    Citrus; Oranges, Lemons,
    Grapefruit, Pinapple
    Nightshades, Peppers, Tomatoes
    Aubergine, Peppers, Salt
    White Spuds
    Hot Spices Inc. Paprika
    Beef, Pork & Processed Meat
    Junk: Pop, Sweets, Chocolate, Crisps
    Pickled Or Smoked Food
    Fried Food
    Tined/Processed Food
    Chinese food (MSG)
    Sweetener foods with it in

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