I’ve been looking forward to today’s session all week. Today Holly and I did a hill sprint session. Being in Sheffield we are not lacking on hills so we put them to good use today!

Hill sprints are great for everything. They are tough, they burn and they make you feel sick (if not actually sick) but they get you results quick. Excellent for reducing body fat and weight loss. Great if you only have half an hour to fit a session in.

There are lots of different ways to do hill sprints but basically you start at the bottom and move yourself up the hill as fast as you can!


Today we did 5 sprints, walking back down the hill as recovery.

1 – half way up hill
2 – full hill
3 – full hill
4 – 3/4 hill
5 – 3/4 hill

I really pushed hard and had major jelly legs once we had finished (and felt really sick) but I loved it!

If you don’t feel confident enough to run up a hill start with power walking up the hill walking back to the start and repeat x 3. For maximum weight loss results repeat twice a week adding an extra walk up each week. When you feel you fitness and strength improving (within weeks) try running the first and power walking the rest.

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