Today I could have so easily sacked off my run to stay tucked up at home with a hot water bottle and some Christmas films! However I convinced myself to go out for a quick run. I ended up feeling really strong so I went a bit further than I’d planned. Its funny how the sessions you dread the most are the ones that sometimes turn into the best ones!

When I got in I had some of my Nuun Hydration Drinks. They come in a range of cool flavours and are designed to quickly replace electrolytes lost through exercise. This will help to prevent post exercise cramping, fatigue and nausea. I also found I wasn’t as hungry following my run so wasn’t picking at the fridge till I had dinner!

The Nuun drinks will benefit everybody whether you are a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior and ensure that you stay hydrated before during and after exercise. If you are exercising for more than sixty minutes (less if you sweat heavily) then you will definitely benefit from using an electrolyte replacing sports drink. If you are exercising in hot or humid temperatures then staying hydrated and replacing lost electrolytes becomes your main priority.

If you are exercising in the winter it is still important to stay hydrated, as you still sweat and lose electrolytes that need replacing. You could get away with just using the Nuun drink after an exercise session to replace electrolytes but ensure you drink enough plain water in the two hours before your session to stay hydrated.
Nuun drinks don’t contain any additional sugar or carbohydrates so you can even just enjoy them through the day to maximise your hydration and jazz up plain water. Today I had the fruit punch one and it was ace. It wasn’t fizzy or heavy like other sports drinks I’ve tried in the past. They do some trial packs on their website so I recommend getting some to decide on your favourite flavour before getting the bigger packs.

For more information and to buy Nuun please visit their website


Published by Aimee Pearce

Fitness sessions, personal training sessions and online training options for busy women and mums. Helping women to find the time, commitment and passion for exercise and adventure in Sheffield.

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