I have been intrigued by herbal detoxing/slimming teas ever since I joined Instagram and every other picture was a slim, tanned, twenty something with washboard abs claiming they were the secret to her success.

I would never have bought them to try as I put them down as the latest faddy fitness trend (Cynical?? Me?!). So when I was contacted by Slimming Solutions asking me to review their Teatox I jumped at the chance. And I must admit I was surprised with the results!

I already regularly drink herbal teas but for some reason I was nervous about trying this Teatox as I was unsure what it would taste like. I had conjured up in my mind a mix of old school cod liver oil, medicinal tasting tea! You get a daytime blend to drink when you wake up and an evening blend to have before bed.


Both were very easy to drink,  pleasant and relevant (and not a hint of cod liver oil, fewf!!!!) By that I mean the morning drink was fresh and energising and perked me up ready for the day. The evening blend was soothing and relaxing. I enjoyed both but I preferred the bedtime blend. Maybe this is because I mainly drank it in bed relaxing when my morning cup was often thrown down my neck while trying to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door!

The teas come with a clean eating plan to follow which was handy to have as a reminder. I eat a fairly balanced diet anyway so I didn’t cut out anything while drinking the teas other than caffeine. 

I did find the whole process of a morning and an evening blend useful to get me into the routine of drinking the teas. I also think having the course last only fourteen days is appealing as I wasn’t daunted by a massive new regime I would have to incorporate into my life.

Interestingly I did find it helped with bloating after my evening meal and I did feel a lot more energetic. I have since had a dairy and gluten intolerance identified so I would be interested to see if the teas make even more difference once I have that under control as well.

So overall a pleasant surprise. And a hand slap to me for poo pooing them and not giving them more consideration before!! If you are skeptical I say give them a try, even if you don’t notice any improvements its a good excuse to curl up in bed with your evening blend and enjoy some “me” time!!

In conclusion, I enjoyed the Teatox but you won’t be seeing any pictures of me with my washboard abs (they are in there somewhere!!!!) hanging out all over Instagram any time soon!!! I would use them again in the future.

Published by Aimee Pearce

Fitness sessions, personal training sessions and online training options for busy women and mums. Helping women to find the time, commitment and passion for exercise and adventure in Sheffield.

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