Super Savvy Pancakes

This morning I have been experimenting with some samples of Savvy Spread. I am still following a gluten and dairy free diet after being diagnosed with intolerances earlier this year, and these pancakes were super quick, tasty and filing.


For info (in case you can’t tell!) I am not a trained baker or food photographer. I threw a few raspberries on to tart it up a bit for you! I promise you they taste better than they look!

2 eggs
1 large banana
1 – 2 tablespoon of Chocolate Savvy Sweet Sesame Spread 
Coconut oil to fry pancakes

Mix everything up in a bowl.

Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan. Dollop the mixture into the frying pan. I found that two tablespoons per pancake made a good size for flipping and then rolling!

Flip the pancake over until it is slightly brown on both sides. Serve with honey and fruit or maybe even a bit more Savvy Spread! Experiment with the amount of Savvy Spread you use in this recipe. It may be that you prefer a stronger taste, if so just add more next time!!

When I first started reducing gluten and dairy in my diet I found that my main meals didn’t really change but I did struggle to find alternative snacks. These really hit that cake/biscuit shaped hole that I have in my life since going gluten/diary free!

Give them a go and share your pictures with me over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

To buy Savvy Spreads please visit their website. X


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