I am always on the look out for snacks that I can throw in my bag and have between sessions or hiding in the kitchen so I don’t have to share them with the kids. This can be tricky sometimes (finding tasty snacks, not hiding in the kitchen, I have that down!) being gluten and dairy intolerant. I do have a fairly laid back approach to my diet and I do eat small amounts of gluten and dairy but I just have to be careful how much.

So imagine my intrigue when I came across a snack bar that was

a) suitable to be thrown in to my bag and last the day without turning into a crumbly mess
b) gluten and dairy free
c) made with CRICKET FLOUR!!!


Before I go any further i just wanted to say that The Crobar is less I’m a celebrity get me out of here and more hell yeah I want more of this! It really was delicious and because the bars are packed with protein it kept me feeling full for a surprisingly long time (for such a small bar). This high quality protein makes it an ideal post exercise snack to help feed and repair the muscles, bonus!

Full list of free from: Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Soy, Corn, Yeast with only naturally occurring sugars

Full list of ingredients: Peanuts (37.7%), Sultanas (31.4%), Dates (12.6%), Sunflower Seeds (10.5%), Cricket Flour (6%)

So cricket flour! This information is from the Crobar website. You can read more here.

Cricket Flour contains

High quality protein
Animal sourced dietary protein is superior to that derived from plants. Unlike plants, animal protein contains all 9 essential amino acids

Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach

Vitamin B12
10 g crickets contain your daily dose of Vitamin B12

Crickets contain half the amount of fat than beef

Omega 3 & 6 ratio
Crickets have an omega 3 & 6 ratio of 1:2.2, which is better than that of hemp, soy and whey

And it tastes delicious!!! The bars are very similar to Nakd bars and I will definitely buy them again. You can buy them direct from the manufacturer here


Aimee x

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