Cheerleaders (week 2)

I am a runner. Tra-laa!

Ok, I use the word “runner” loosely, what I really mean is that I jog a bit, walk a bit and wonder how people can blithely skip through 5k races without needing oxygen tanks.  

But I am definitely running at a speed of 7.5 on the treadmill. There’s no rhyme or reason to my training, I basically run for as long as I can then when my lungs feel about to burst, I walk for a bit.

After chatting with Aimee about the Couch to 5k app, we decided I was doing ok by myself. I run for about two and a half minutes at 7.5 then walk for 30 seconds at 4.5. I repeat this for about 10 minutes. Knowing it’s a bite size chunk of really helps get through the pain barrier.

I’m still getting to grips with the treadmill mechanics. I’ve realised that I can’t run while reading subtitles on BBC News (it has the same effect of drinking cider while spinning on a Waltzer). I find myself gazing at the treadmill screen, not quite knowing where to look or what to think about and I don’t know whether I’m more concerned about having a cardiac arrest or tripping and breaking my nose.

What is fantastic is the support I’m getting. There are two lovely old boys at the gym in their 60s who often whoop across the room at me yelling “Go on my girl, you’re doing great!” I daren’t look around for fear of falling over so I simply grin and do a thumbs-up.

Learning to run is daunting so having your own cheerleader, whether it’s your mum, partner, mate or gym instructor, makes all the difference. Aimee is great, a brilliant blend of a highly trained profession who also makes you laugh and enjoys the craic.

If Aimee’s not there, the on-duty gym instructors will often give words of encouragement and plenty of thumbs up. Never be afraid to talk to them – they’re very chatty, friendly and advising you on techniques is all part of their job.

Strangers can also be very supportive. One lovely lady commented on my running and when I joked about my beetroot face and sweat, she said: “But that shows you’re really working, I hate these women who come to the gym with a full face of make- up as it intimidates me.”

And my husband is my biggest fan. During a romantic cuddle, he whispered: “Your back is getting muscular, like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.” I’ll take that as a compliment.

love #jigglingjugs x

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