Curves and learning curves: #jigglingjugs

It’s been almost four months since I started my quest to learn how to run so I thought it was time to look back at the highs, lows and surprises along the way.

When I started the unofficial Quest to 5k, I always thought when I finally reached it I’d write a blog which flashed and whooped sirens and announced to the world “Hurrah – WE HAVE REACHED 5K”

But it’s not really happened like that. I have reached 5k – yay! But it’s still rare, it’s very difficult and more often than not I have to walk for a few minutes (so technically, if I’m being pedantic, I’ve probably not actually run it completely).

I assumed once I’d run 5k that would be it. I’d be running it with ease, I’d never do less than that distance and I’d easily progress on to a 10k.

Oh how wrong I was. As Aimee wrote in her blog about hormones, I’ve found there’s a whole load of reasons why hitting 5k still feels elusive. A bout of Norovirus a few weeks ago seems to have really set me back, not to mention the days when I generally feel a bit sluggish, bloated or wine-soaked.

So I’ve lowered my sights and now I aim for 3k. It’ll never win me a Park Run position but it still feels an achievement and more importantly, is still really good exercise. There are odd days when I can push past 3k on to the glorious 5k but if not, I’ll settle for less.

I’ve also learnt a few things about my body when it runs. I always want to give up in the first 10 minutes – as though I literally haven’t hit my stride yet. If I need to stop and walk, it’s more likely to be in the first 20 minutes rather than the last 20 minutes.

I’ve learned how to regulate my breathing, I know when I need to drop my pace or push through a pain barrier (more commonly known as a hill).

As for my #jigglingjugs – well I’d like to say running has made them firmer and more perky but sadly, only plastic surgery will work those miracles. What is true, is that my back and arm muscles are more toned and more importantly, behind those boobs are a healthier pair of lungs and heart.

And, while there have been many reasons why I don’t fancy a jog on certain days, I can honestly say my boobs have never been one of them.

Love #jigglingjugs

Published by Aimee Pearce

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