My Year In Fitness – Day 77 #MYIF2014

Today I am going wheat free!

I have suffered with psoriasis since school but recently it has got worse. I have researched which foods can effect psoriasis and wheat is a common one that is linked to auto immune diseases (which psoriasis is).

Whenever you undertake a major diet change its always tricky to begin with. It helps to be prepared and have a few fall back easy recipes or snacks to hand so if you do get hungry you aren’t tempted by the first thing you can lay your hands on!

Ill let you know how I get on but if you have good wheat or gluten free recipes please share them with me.

Bye Bye bread!


Danio Review

I was recently asked to try the new Danio protein yogurt.



I really enjoyed it and because of the high protein content it kept me feeling full right through till dinner time meaning I avoided snacking. There are loads of different favours to try.

I always advise clients to eat protein, preferably from natural sources, with each meal but if you are pushed for time this is an ideal tasty way to include it into your diet. I also advise that a protein shake is used after intense sessions to help support the muscles repair, if you aren’t a fan of the protein shakes and want something a but tastier than plain milk try Danio.


Stunning Summer of Sport inspires The Nutribox to add Sports Box to its Healthy Snack Box Range

The Nutribox is a subscription service providing boxes of healthy snacks to individual and corporate customers. We want to make it easier for people to eat more healthily so we deliver snacks to the home or office door.

We choose our snacks based on how they taste (every snack has to pass our taste test) and three criteria – they are healthier alternatives to traditional snacks, or they’ve been made in such a way that their ingredients maintain their nutritional content, and none of them contain any hidden nasties, the ingredients you can’t pronounce and wouldn’t find in your own kitchen.

Based in Sheffield, The Nutribox supports local athletes including paralympian fencer Craig McCann and the UK’s number 1 freestyle mogul skier, Ellie Koyander.

Following on from the successful launch of The Nutribox earlier this year, the company has expanded its range, launching a vegan version and now adding a Sports Nutrition box to their range.  After a series of sterling performances from British sports stars, from Andy Murray’s emotional Wimbledon triumph, to Mo Farah’s middle distance mastery in Moscow through to a swashbuckling Ashes win, wherever you look there have been great performances to inspire us all.


Whether you’re an elite athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, finding healthy snacks to fuel training and recovery can be difficult – particularly when so much of the sports snack market is geared up to be high calorie but doesn’t always lose the ingredients you don’t want, like trans fats.  It can also be challenging to find gluten free and vegan sports snacks.


The healthy snacks delivered in the new Sports Nutrition Nutribox are different – made from raw ingredients like nuts, seeds and dried fruits to maintain maximum nutritional value.


 These are snacks for sport that come with the ingredients you need for training – protein and natural energy sources rather than refined sugars and gluten.  Ann White, nutrition expert at the Nutribox said ‘we are now supporting Team GB athletes like Craig McCann and Ellie Koyander and building the right foundation of good nutrition in your diet is important.’


The Nutribox snacks are made from gluten free ingredients and most are suitable for vegans.


The Sports Nutrition Nutribox is available to buy from the 1st September, but interested sports people should sign up now to get a special discount code for 30% off their first special Sports box for 30 days only.


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The Nutribox-post training nutrition

I am so excited to be reviewing The Nutribox this month. This Sheffield based company makes snacking healthy. All the snacks are gluten free and a lot are raw meaning they are uber healthy!!


I had to restrain myself from diving in and scoffing the tasty treats as soon as my Nutribox landed on my doormat. The idea was to limit myself to one snack a day! All the snacks are gluten free and are delivered free to your home or workplace.

I found the snacks really handy just to throw into changing bag when I was off out with the kids for the day. This has really helped with me sticking to my eating plan (more on this in a later #mumtumbigbum post!). If I’m hungry when I’m out I know I can have something healthy AND tasty.
The snacks ranged from chilli cashew nuts to a raw fruit and nut bar (my favourite!!). I liked the variety and the size of the box, over a week after receiving it I have a few more treats left! The mix of treats in the box was great and I even got to try some new things!


Prices start from £10.95 a month and ill certainly be signing up!

For more information and to sign up for a trial box visit their website here.

October Challenge

The 1st of October is here 🙂 a fresh month to kick start your healthy living!

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight or tone up for Christmas, my October challenge will help you towards them all!!

Remember 5 3 2 1
Any fresh, tinned, dried or frozen
Wholegrain cereal/ bread/ crackers, brown rice/ pasta
Cod, haddock, tuna etc
Salmon, fresh tuna, mackeral, sardines etc