Why you should trust me with your fitness!

This is a question that I very rarely get asked, but one I wish people would ask me more!

What enables you, Aimee Rogers of Revitalize Fitness, to get me fit?

Now I’m not usually one to brag (but I’m going to now!) however I was looking through my certificates and I thought why am I hiding this away?! No one knows about any of this and I have spent thousands of pounds on my fitness qualifications and career so here I am shouting it from the rooftops and telling you all about it!!

Below are my fitness qualifications.

2003-2006 Sheffield Hallam University
Bsc (hons) Sport and Exercise Science Degree. My dissertation looked at the effectiveness of pedometers in increasing physical activity in a work place setting

July 2015: Ante and Postnatal Exercise, Level 3, Fitness Industry Education

May 2007: Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor, British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (Currently up to date on re-validation)

Mar 2007: Exercise and Mental Health, YMCAfit

Jan 2007: Exercise to Music, Level 2, Central YMCA  

Sept 2006: Circuit Training, Level 2, Central YMCA 

Aug 2006: Exercise Referral for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions, Level 3, Central YMCA 

Apr 2006: Health Walk Leaders Award, Walking the Way to Health and British Heart Foundation

Feb 2006: Nutrition and Weight Management, Level 3, Central YMCA

Feb 2006: Advanced Fitness Instructor, Level 3, Central YMCA   

Oct 2005: Fitness Instructor, Level 2, Central YMCA

Please note, this list does not include the countless hours spent informally learning through researching, mentoring, shadowing, volunteering, planning, discussing, lecturing, reading, teaching and attending workshops and webinars. The list above is also missing the numerous courses that I have taken to support and develop my fitness career, namely my NVQ level 4 in management and my Babywearing Peer Support Training.

While gaining these qualifications I have been employed in a health and fitness role of some kind. Gaining experience, gaining knowledge, gaining skills and confidence.

Revitalize Fitness was born in 2010, but prior to that, I have always worked in fitness and physical activity. I have worked as a gym instructor helping people to overcome sticking points in their training or needing to lose weight before their doctor can refer them for IVF treatment. I have delivered circuit training classes to men and women all recovering from cardiac conditions and subsequent operations. I managed a team of exercise referral instructors who, via exercise and physical activity, improved the health of Sheffield residents with medical conditions. I have worked with people wanting to improve, get stronger and be fitter.

Fitness is my career, its what I do and what I’ve always done. I bloody love helping people to become more active and seeing them enjoying the benefits of exercise.

So I hope that answers the question posed in the title of this blog post! If not please get in touch and ask me any other questions. I am always happy to chat!


On a very serious note, start asking your fitness instructor about their qualifications or experience. All instructors leading an exercise session should be able (and proud, they’ve worked hard for it, let them show off!!!) to provide you with formal certificates and be appropriately insured. If someone cannot provide evidence of fitness qualifications or insurance I would strongly advise that you look for an alternative session.


My Endurer Dash

Last weekend I took park in the Endurer Dash 8km event in Dronfield and LOVED it! As part of the 8km course I had to walk up streams, crawl through mud, scale fence’s, swim across a pond and trudge through lots of mud (as deep as my thighs at some bits!).

If you have ever had a fleeting thought that these events look fun and one day you might like to enter one, then please please do. Its so much fun and I was so proud of myself afterwords. The feeling was very similar to how I felt after I gave birth. Proud of my body when I have asked it to above and beyond!!!

The Endurer DASH is a test of your strength, stamina and the limits that you can endure. Two obstacle races, an 8km and a 14km course for you to thrash around. Don’t rock up and expect to be rubber necking at the amazing Peak District scenery, or sniffing the fresh country air on a gentle morning jog. Expect to become one with the mud and country. Expect an epic obstacle course pitched on some serious terrain. Challenge Yourself. Become an Endurer!

Upcoming 2015 events – get in there early for discounted sign up rates! Let me know if you sign up, I may be tempted to join you and do it again!!!

Endurer Dash 8km: September 26th Peak District

Endurer Dash 14km: September 27th Peak District









Upcoming 2015 events – get in there early for discounted sign up rates! Let me know if you sign up, I may be tempted to join you and do it again!!!

Endurer Dash 8km: September 26th Peak District

Endurer Dash 14km: September 27th Peak District

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes

Since being gluten and diary free (in an attempt to try and rid my body of an intolerance) I have been experimenting with some new snacky, goody, foody treat type stuff! This is my latest that I wanted to share as it is stupidly quick and easy but tasted AMAZING (if I do say so myself!).

This is a recipe that I found on Pinterest and it took me less than ten minutes to make.


So basically all the ingredients in the top picture I mixed together and then dolloped into a warm frying pan with the melted coconut oil. Flipped em and then ate them with a drizzle of honey!!!!

Now the reason that there is no picture of the finished product is because they looked a bit (a lot) messy! I need to get better at flippin em!!! Any tips much appreciated. Leave me a comment below!!!!!

Aimee x

Dreaded DOMS

A lot of my Fit Mums and Park Fitters are asking me (possibly complaining but I’ll assume asking for the purposes of this post) about muscle soreness so I thought I would write a little blog post to help you all out!!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) often occurs a day or two after heavy exercise. It is often described as stiffness, soreness, inflammation and tenderness. This stiffness and soreness is felt in the main muscle groups that you worked in your last exercise session. It is eccentric movement that causes DOMS. An example of eccentric movement is when you slowly lower your arms in a bicep curl.

Funny story. I got DOMS in my biceps after I gave birth to my son. I had had an epidural and was instructed to hold on to the back of my knees and pull (eccentric contraction). I swear my biceps hurt more than anything else in those 72 hours after labour!!!! Ditch the weights, push out a baby!!!!

You are more likely to feel DOMS if you are new to exercise or when you increase the intensity of your workouts. What you will be pleased to hear is that after the first bout of DOMS is often the worst and then you are protected from damage from subsequent exercise for up to six weeks. This gives you time to gradually ease into your workouts and increase the intensity over time. Basically this means that once that first session is out of the way, you need to continue with the exercise to avoid getting DOMS as bad!!

The precise cause of muscle soreness is unknown. DOMS can be produced by a number of different factors.

– Tiny tears in the muscle tissue
– Osmostic pressure changes that cause fluid retention in the surrounding tissues
– Metabolites accumulating in the muscle cell producing cell damage and reduced force capacity
– Acute inflammation
– Combination of the above


The best thing you can do speed up recovery if you are experiencing DOMS is to keep moving!! Avoid the temptation to sit down and not move for a week! DOMS isn’t an injury so very low intensity exercise such as walking or swimming will help to loosen the muscles.

Stretching daily will also help, but especially after exercise. This will help to lengthen the muscle fibres and increase the blood flow to the muscles. This increase in blood flow helps to bring vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles to aid recovery but also flushes out the waste products. Drinking plenty of water and massage will also help with this process.

Warm baths can help to relax the muscles affected and ease the soreness. Adding two cupfuls of magnesium flakes will also help to feed the muscles and replace minerals. Stay in the bath for at least twenty minutes to allow the magnesium to absorb through your skin. My favourite magnesium flakes are from Better You (another fabulous company based in Sheffield!!).

Ensure you have plenty of protein in your diet to help feed and repair the muscles. A few spoonfuls of cottage cheese before bed is a great source of protein that acts to repair the muscles while you sleep. If you struggle to get enough protein in your diet there is the option of protein shakes. These are fast acting and provide your muscles with instant “food” to help kick start the healing process and thereby reducing the severity of DOMS. Protein powders are a massive money making industry and a bit of a minefield that I could write a whole topic of blogs on (watch this space!). All I will say for now is that it is down to personal preference so don’t go out and buy a massive tub! Try some trial packs until you find one that you like the taste and consistency of!! Chocolate milk drank within thirty minutes after exercise, has also been shown in recent studies to have positive effects on reducing muscle soreness after exercise and is a cheaper alternative to protein powders (yet another blog post, I’m starting a list!!).

Yes I am telling you to go drink chocolate after exercise, it helps. I promise. You can thank me by sending this blog to all your friends and letting them know about it too!!!

My Year In Fitness – Day 85 #MYIF2014

Another nursery day with another chunk of walking! Really starting to feel the benefits now. Not stopping on the hill and the journey is not taking as long.

I feel so much better for walking and often recommend it to clients, especially those who I am helping to start an exercise programme. Its free and you don’t need any special equipment or clothes. Its also easy to build up and do a little bit further or a little bit faster each day.

If you are wanting to start being more active just go for a little walk today. You can also get in touch with me if you want more personalized advice and support.

The Walking For Health website is also a great website to get more information on walking.


I had a black dog, his name was depression

If you have been lucky enough to avoid depression, this video explains it perfectly.

I have worked with lots people who have experienced mental health issues, from schizophrenia to depression. Some people are experts in hiding their black dog. Its nothing to be ashamed of and exercise can definitely make a difference.

Please don’t try and beat it yourself, get support, ask for advice and be gentle to yourself.