My Year In Fitness – Day 89 #MYIF2014

Just taken my progress pics. If you don’t use pictures to monitor your progress, please start now! March 2013 is 12 weeks after my second baby and the beginning of my #mumtumbigbum fitness programe! I have no idea what I weigh in either pic because it is irrelevant, just a number! The most important thing […]

The #mumtumbigbum massage!

This week I had my first ever deep tissue sports massage from the one and only Helen McGovern and it was Ah. Ma. Zing! I’ve always had a delicate back but carrying and delivering two full term babies has left it in need of serious attention. So I decided to pay Helen a visit in […]

The first #mumtumbigbum run!

Just because I’m a personal trainer doesnt mean I don’t need personal training! Today I went on my first run in about six years. I used to be a sprinter in secondary school but after uni built up to covering some decent long distance mileage. And I want to build that back up and enjoy […]

My #mumtumbigbum progress

Here I am practising what I preach! I always encourage my readers and clients to take measurements and progress pictures rather than relying on scales. You can see my back is a lot stronger in the latest pic (bottom right) but it still needs a lot of work. Easter has been tough with the change […]

Introducing Mum Tum Big Bum

Two pregnancies in two years have obviously taken it toll on my body. Through this upcoming series of Mum Tum Big Bum posts and updates you can follow my progress in strengthening and rehabilitating my body back to full strength. To share this journey with me please sign up to my mailing list or search […]