My Year In Fitness – Day 134 #MYIF2014

Today I am working a long shift at work but managed to fit in some exercise before I started. I walked up to nursery carrying my two stone, three year old in his carrier! My bum and thighs certainly felt it going up the hill.

We use a which fits my 1 year old and 3 year old in. There are many UK stockists if you do a google search.

There is a very strong baby wearing community in Sheffield and online. If you want to try some slings out search for your local babywearing consultant such as Sheffield Sling Surgery or The Carrying Works in Sheffield. Also a really good supportive network like Sheffield Slings can be a great source of advice.

This video shows the Sheffield Slings ladies in action!

I carry my kids daily and love having them close to me. It means we can enjoy places that aren’t buggy friendly together and also gives me a weight bearing walking workout!


My Year In Fitness – Day 123 #MYIF2014

Even as a personal trainer I still need a kick up the bum and some sources of motivation. I like Pinterest for finding and pinning motivational quotes and images.

I am also part of a few groups on Facebook that help to keep me motivated and on track. My favorite at the minute is Run Mummy Run. I’m desperate to get back into my running and.hopefully over the next few weeks i’ll get there!

This group is a great source of support and motivation and reminds me that its possible to have kids and run!!

My Year In Fitness – Day 85 #MYIF2014

Another nursery day with another chunk of walking! Really starting to feel the benefits now. Not stopping on the hill and the journey is not taking as long.

I feel so much better for walking and often recommend it to clients, especially those who I am helping to start an exercise programme. Its free and you don’t need any special equipment or clothes. Its also easy to build up and do a little bit further or a little bit faster each day.

If you are wanting to start being more active just go for a little walk today. You can also get in touch with me if you want more personalized advice and support.

The Walking For Health website is also a great website to get more information on walking.


I had a black dog, his name was depression

If you have been lucky enough to avoid depression, this video explains it perfectly.

I have worked with lots people who have experienced mental health issues, from schizophrenia to depression. Some people are experts in hiding their black dog. Its nothing to be ashamed of and exercise can definitely make a difference.

Please don’t try and beat it yourself, get support, ask for advice and be gentle to yourself.

Stunning Summer of Sport inspires The Nutribox to add Sports Box to its Healthy Snack Box Range

The Nutribox is a subscription service providing boxes of healthy snacks to individual and corporate customers. We want to make it easier for people to eat more healthily so we deliver snacks to the home or office door.

We choose our snacks based on how they taste (every snack has to pass our taste test) and three criteria – they are healthier alternatives to traditional snacks, or they’ve been made in such a way that their ingredients maintain their nutritional content, and none of them contain any hidden nasties, the ingredients you can’t pronounce and wouldn’t find in your own kitchen.

Based in Sheffield, The Nutribox supports local athletes including paralympian fencer Craig McCann and the UK’s number 1 freestyle mogul skier, Ellie Koyander.

Following on from the successful launch of The Nutribox earlier this year, the company has expanded its range, launching a vegan version and now adding a Sports Nutrition box to their range.  After a series of sterling performances from British sports stars, from Andy Murray’s emotional Wimbledon triumph, to Mo Farah’s middle distance mastery in Moscow through to a swashbuckling Ashes win, wherever you look there have been great performances to inspire us all.


Whether you’re an elite athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, finding healthy snacks to fuel training and recovery can be difficult – particularly when so much of the sports snack market is geared up to be high calorie but doesn’t always lose the ingredients you don’t want, like trans fats.  It can also be challenging to find gluten free and vegan sports snacks.


The healthy snacks delivered in the new Sports Nutrition Nutribox are different – made from raw ingredients like nuts, seeds and dried fruits to maintain maximum nutritional value.


 These are snacks for sport that come with the ingredients you need for training – protein and natural energy sources rather than refined sugars and gluten.  Ann White, nutrition expert at the Nutribox said ‘we are now supporting Team GB athletes like Craig McCann and Ellie Koyander and building the right foundation of good nutrition in your diet is important.’


The Nutribox snacks are made from gluten free ingredients and most are suitable for vegans.


The Sports Nutrition Nutribox is available to buy from the 1st September, but interested sports people should sign up now to get a special discount code for 30% off their first special Sports box for 30 days only.


See for more information. <img class=”size-full wp-image” id=”i-2141″ alt=”Image” src=”″


The Excellence of Epsom

I first came across the benefits of Epsom Salt baths from my university flatmate. Next time you have a bath try swapping your Radox for some Epsom Salts. This post will tell you why!

Epsom Salts encourage the body to shed toxins quickly (these toxins that encourage water retention and cling onto fat). The salts also boost your digestion and reduce cellulite. They also work magically for easing muscle stiffness following an intense workout.

Known scientifically as hydrated magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. While both magnesium and sulfate can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with Epsom salt! Magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin. Sulfates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are thought to help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental contaminants.

Researchers and physicians suggest these health benefits from proper magnesium and sulfate levels, as listed on the web site of the Epsom Salt Industry Council:

  • Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
  • Improved ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • Flushed toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
  • Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.
  • Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.
  • Improved oxygen use.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.
  • Prevention or easing of migraine headaches.

All this from a bath? Hurray! While there are many different brands of Epsom salt, they are all the same product chemically, and can be found at most chemists or health shops. Add two cups of Epsom salt and soak for at least 12 minutes. Do this three times weekly.

If you are pregnant or have any health concerns, please check with your doctor before using Epsom salts.

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