Guilt Free Christmas

Why should you sacrifice your fitness this Christmas?

You can stay on track with your exercise routine this year without losing your current strength and fitness levels.

This programme is also perfect for those new to exercise but not sure how to get started.

Christmas can be such a busy and potentially stressful, time that your current routine can just fall flat. It can then be difficult to get going with your usual routine in the New Year.

Where ever you are in the world at Christmas, your health, your well being and your self care should still be up there with your main priorities. Exercise can and should play a part in your routine even if it is tweaked slightly over the festive period.

My Guilt Free Christmas programme will give you personalised workouts and full online support to keep you on track over Christmas and into the New Year. It doesn’t matter where in the world you will be, if you gym is open or shut or if you only have 30 minutes spare.

Debbie completed the programme over Christmas last year

To many of my friends and family, it seemed like a strange time to start a health kick; but actually, once I got started it was quite easy. I did still enjoy the ‘good’ stuff (well, we call it the good stuff but actually it’s the bad stuff, like mince pies, my favourite!) but in moderation.

In relation to the exercises, they were just so simple, and could be done in bare feet in my lounge!  The fact that I didn’t need any special gear and I could do it at home was a real plus, and like I said, they were easy.  I looked forward to doing them every night.

Doing the programme certainly made a difference to my appearance. I looked more toned, which is what you need when you go out at Christmas! And I felt fitter, which was an added bonus.




Important Features

  • Personalised home work out plan
  • You exercise when and where you want
  • Online support via email/Facebook messenger/WhatsApp
  • Enjoy a guilt free Christmas and kick start 2018

How it works

Your place on the programme will be secured as soon as payment is received. You will then need to complete a short online questionnaire. Once I have this then I will get in touch with your personalised exercise plan.

I will then be on hand to support you with any questions or concerns you have over your programme.


You decide how much support and when you need it. To make the most impact the three month package will be best. This means I can support you to minimise the effects of Christmas and then start of your 2018 with a brand new fitness plan in January.

November, December and January £45

If you feel that you can manage over December but want me to support you with getting started with your New Years fitness plans then sign up for January only.

January £20

Get started today


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