There are many benefits to exercising in a group. You will often see results a lot quicker and you have a ready made support network to help keep you on track.

Group personal training will also work out cheaper than 1:1 personal training sessions but with all the benefits of having a personal trainer to tailor the exercise sessions to you.

If you have a group of friends who, like you, want to start seeing results from an exercise regime and make changes in fitness and body shape, then my group personal training package is what you need.

You might also be looking to do something a bit different for a hen or birthday party. Get in touch using the form below to discuss any ideas you have.

How it works

A one off, monthly or weekly exercise session tailored specifically for you and a group of friends at a convenient location. This could be a local park, one of your houses or even place of work.


Please contact me by filling in the form below and let me know how many people are in your group and what type of session you are looking for.

What next?

Fill in the form below and let me know your availability and individual requirements. 



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