Sling Fit

  • Wednesday 11am – Wisewood Sports Centre (contact them directly to book)
  • Friday 9:15am – Oughtibridge Chapel, Church Street

Sling Fit is a safe, controlled and gentle way to get back into fitness after a baby. The sessions are designed with both mum and baby in mind. The sessions are very relaxed and informal and you are able to work to your own levels, resting or feeding baby whenever you need to.

I am a trained babywearing peer support worker so I am able to give you advice on making your sling comfortable and safe, not only during the class but also while babywearing out and about. I am a trained ante/postnatal fitness instructor so the sessions are perfect for getting back into fitness and meeting other new mums.



How soon can I start Sling Fit sessions after having a baby?

You must have had a postnatal check with your GP or midwife and got the all clear to exercise. I recommend twelve weeks recovery after a caesarean section before starting Sling Fit.

Is there an age limit on the baby?

The sessions are designed for pre walkers. All of the exercises are done with baby in a front carry.

Is there a restriction on the number of children that I bring along with me?

No, the more the merrier!

I haven’t done any exercise since before I got pregnant, will I be OK?

Yes, the sessions are designed to cater for all levels, from complete beginners to more experienced exercisers. You can rest at any point during the sessions.


2 thoughts on “Sling Fit

  1. Kate Testa says:

    I am very blessed to have been pregnant with Marilena, my second baby girl. And I knew the changes to my body would take time to adjust to but I nonetheless found it hard to feel confident about myself and to feel comfortable in getting out the house and trying to accept those changes.
    One of my lovely friends talked to me about Slingfit….and suggested I try it out. I wasn’t certain at first because I didn’t have a proper sling, and Marilena didn’t enjoy being in it. However Aimee reassured me that I need not worry about that and just enjoy my experience there. And I didn’t need to worry! Marilena played happily on the playmats with all the toys whilst I did my exercises. There was no expectation or pressure to use a sling if wanting to participate in Slingfit. And the banter-well there was always plenty and you could guarantee that it was there every week. And the atmosphere is very relaxed even though you’re doing exercise! As an instructor, Aimee is encouraging, supportive, understanding, funny and welcoming. I know I don’t go there anymore now that I’m back at work and Marilena attends nursery but Aimee has always made me feel welcome to come for one off sessions in the future. Every time I went, I left feeling better about myself and feeling more confident in getting out and about. And what’s more, Aimee, along with my friends, supported me when I decided to break the news to them that I was planning on doing a half marathon! And since then, Aimee has continued to offer support through recommended training plans and words of encouragement. So I would want to say thank you for making me feel welcome at Slingfit, and for boosting my self esteem and giving me the motivation and confidence to take part in the half marathon. I would highly recommend this session…so if you’re debating whether to give it a go, just try it out on a one off and take it from there.

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