These eBooks contain a full body workout routine and supporting information for you to keep, refer back to and complete at any time you wish. This will be an instant download once you complete payment.

The workout routines in these eBooks are bodyweight circuits, meaning you don’t need any expensive or fancy equipment. They can be done in your living room, hotel room or garden.

My eBooks are a great stepping stone if you are wanting to start building up your strength and fitness but don’t yet have the confidence to attend a class. You can work through them at your leisure in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once you have completed them a few time you will soon start to see your strength, fitness and confidence improve.

The eBooks are also a great guide if you already exercising regularly but you want to start increasing your fitness levels by adding in a session at home. You can make the routines harder by increasing the sets and reps that you complete. The eBooks give you full guidance on how to do this.

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