• Do you have no spare time for exercise?
  • Do you want expert advice to increase your confidence?
  • Do you want a flexible yet personalised fitness plan to suit you?
  • Do you want to get fit, quick?

Fit Fast is an intensive, 90 day online fitness plan that is personalised and specifically tailored to you and your personal needs. You will get support at every step of the way, from helping you find the time to exercise in your busy schedule, right down to a personalised fitness plan with diagrams.

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If you have a major life event coming up or just want to start feeling better about yourself, expert advice and personalised plans will get you results, quick.

This is not just an exercise plan, this is a complete lifestyle overhaul. And for just £3.34 a day.

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How it works

Whether you are a complete beginner or are getting back into exercise after a break, the Fit Fast 90 day plan will guide and support you to make positive changes to your busy lifestyle. You will learn about fitness and what exercises work best to achieve your personal goals. You will grow in confidence, realising how to strengthen your body.

I am always happy to chat so please message me to discuss how this programme will work for you, as well as payment plans.

This is some of the wonderful feedback I’ve been getting so far.

“I managed 3 run/walks and 2 days of 3 sets if exercise this week, I’m loving it.”

“The workouts you made for me were fantastic and fit in with my home life without disrupting our usual routines.
Your support and encouragement has been amazing especially when I had a tough week.”

“I like scheduling the workouts, not scary at all. It feels as though I’m making exercise a priority.”

“I think the home programme is perfect to be honest.
It’s simple to do but effective (I’m definitely feeling it!!!) and doesn’t take too long. This may seem very lazy of me but finding time to exercise is difficult when working full time and having a 5 year old too! I don’t find it to be a chore to complete the exercises either which is good for me.
I haven’t found time over the weekend to do the exercises but know that I can still complete throughout the week, again another huge bonus for me too!
Overall I am very impressed.”

Important Features

  • Being able to work out to your own schedule
  • Start to see results from your training
  • Personalised home/gym workout plan
  • Expert advice on your current physical situation and how you can improve
  • Online support whenever you need it
  • Regular motivational newsletter
  • Weekly check ins

This investment in yourself and your new journey takes a one off payment of £300 for the full 90 day Fit Fast programme. 

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