• Are you currently exercising but want better results?
  • Do you already feel fit but want to maximise your sessions?
  • Do you want a flexible yet personalised fitness plan to suit you?

Fit Further is a personalised and progressive exercise plan designed to build on the fitness foundations that you have already established, either through my Fit Fast 90 day intensive programme or through your own exercise routine. A personalised plan of exercises aimed to progress you to the next level of fitness, confidence and strength whenever you feel ready to progress.

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The sessions that you do in the Fit Further plan will be challenging so you must have some previous exercise experience and a good basic level of fitness. Fit Further will solidify your results and guide you to a becoming a more advanced exerciser. If you need support in getting started on your fitness journey then the Fit Fast 90 day foundational plan will be more suited to you.

Get started today

This is some of the wonderful feedback I’ve been getting so far.

“I managed 3 run/walks and 2 days of 3 sets if exercise this week, I’m loving it.”

“The workouts you made for me were fantastic and fit in with my home life without disrupting our usual routines.
Your support and encouragement has been amazing especially when I had a tough week.”

“I like scheduling the workouts, not scary at all. It feels as though I’m making exercise a priority.”

“I think the home programme is perfect to be honest.
It’s simple to do but effective (I’m definitely feeling it!!!) and doesn’t take too long. This may seem very lazy of me but finding time to exercise is difficult when working full time and having a 5 year old too! I don’t find it to be a chore to complete the exercises either which is good for me.
I haven’t found time over the weekend to do the exercises but know that I can still complete throughout the week, again another huge bonus for me too!
Overall I am very impressed.”

Important Features

  • Being able to work out to your own schedule
  • Start to see results from your training
  • Personalised home/gym workout plan
  • Expert advice on your current physical situation and how you can improve
  • Online support whenever you need it

How it works

This programme is designed for you to get the most out of your home workouts or your gym sessions. You tell me what you want to achieve and what equipment you like to use (if any!) and I will design an exercise plan for you to complete as and when suits you. You can even do it in your pyjamas!

You will get a PDF document emailed to you with your exercise routine clearly shown, with diagrams and full instructions.

This programme is ideal if you have limited time and you want to workout effectively at home or you are going on holiday and want to keep up your training. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, a personalised fitness plan will get you results and save you time, energy and money.

Your personalised Fit Further plan is £20.

This programme is an investment into yourself and your future.  Are you ready to see what your body is capable of?!

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