Strength Training for Women

I love free weights, they are really versatile and you can do an effective full body workout with them either at home or in the gym. However I know they can be intimidating if you haven’t really used free weights as part of your training before.


Muscle mass has a protective effect on all round health, so what ever your age, fitness goal or current fitness level you will benefit from lifting weights.  Building muscle in your body will not make you bulky but it will increase your metabolism and it will make you a more efficient mover, meaning less injuries and pain.


If you want to learn more about using free weights as part of your fitness routine, either at home or in the gym, then you can book a personal training session with me at Wisewood Sports Centre.  I will focus on teaching you the basic techniques and show you the most effective exercises for you to meet your fitness goals.



You do not need to have had any previous experience in a gym or using free weights.