My Year In Fitness – Day 173 #MYIF2014

I’m feeling much better today so back to the exercise! I’ve done two mini core sessions today. The first one was 20 sec plank 10side v ups 15 small crunches The second was a routine that I’m going to try and do every day for the next 30 days to help improve my core. Reverse […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 118 #MYIF2014

Really trying to concentrate on my posture and flexibility at the minute to try and improve my back. I’ll hopefully fit in a physio appointment over the next few weeks to get reassessed but I wanted to give myself a head start! Tonights session included Standing hip circles – mobility Up/down dog – mobility Deadlift […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 83 #MYIF2014

Spent a lovely day pottering around toddler groups garden centres and our garden with the family today. Tonight once the kids were asleep I did a core circuit that included the exercises below. I also did a few more advanced core exercises such as leg lifts, mountain climbers and plank walks. I’m still wheat free […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 17 #MYIF2014

I had another session planned with Holly tonight but I had to cancel as baby is teething amd feeling grumpy! Instead I have done a core session by completing this video three times. I have followed Tara Stiles for a few years and really like her videos. Plus I can dream that if I keep […]