My Year In Fitness – Day 165 #MYIF2014

I’ve been looking forward to today’s session all week. Today Holly and I did a hill sprint session. Being in Sheffield we are not lacking on hills so we put them to good use today! Hill sprints are great for everything. They are tough, they burn and they make you feel sick (if not actually […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 130 #MYIF2014

So this morning didn’t happen! Despite looking forward to and planning a gym session for this morning, my eldest had other plans!!! Sooooo I’ve ended up doing a quick HIIT session just now before tea. Lunges Press ups Leg lifts Squats (full) Bridges If you are planning on watching the Eurovision final tonight why not […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 123 #MYIF2014

Even as a personal trainer I still need a kick up the bum and some sources of motivation. I like Pinterest for finding and pinning motivational quotes and images. I am also part of a few groups on Facebook that help to keep me motivated and on track. My favorite at the minute is Run […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 91 #MYIF2014

Today as part of my 365 day health and fitness blogging challenge I walked 3.5 miles around Dam Flask. It was a lovely day and I invited a friend along to keep me company! Being active with friends really helps with motivation as it passes the time quicker and makes the session a lot more […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 89 #MYIF2014

Just taken my progress pics. If you don’t use pictures to monitor your progress, please start now! March 2013 is 12 weeks after my second baby and the beginning of my #mumtumbigbum fitness programe! I have no idea what I weigh in either pic because it is irrelevant, just a number! The most important thing […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 85 #MYIF2014

Another nursery day with another chunk of walking! Really starting to feel the benefits now. Not stopping on the hill and the journey is not taking as long. I feel so much better for walking and often recommend it to clients, especially those who I am helping to start an exercise programme. Its free and […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 83 #MYIF2014

Spent a lovely day pottering around toddler groups garden centres and our garden with the family today. Tonight once the kids were asleep I did a core circuit that included the exercises below. I also did a few more advanced core exercises such as leg lifts, mountain climbers and plank walks. I’m still wheat free […]