My Year in Fitness – Day 7 #MYIF2014

Tonights session was a circuit in my dining room using a medicine ball, free weights and body weight. Pretty tough one but it felt good. It was a full body workout and exercises I included were Burpees Squats Plank walk outs Clock lunges (one leg) Deadlifts Rows Press Ups Will definitely feel this one over […]

Stunning Summer of Sport inspires The Nutribox to add Sports Box to its Healthy Snack Box Range

The Nutribox is a subscription service providing boxes of healthy snacks to individual and corporate customers. We want to make it easier for people to eat more healthily so we deliver snacks to the home or office door. We choose our snacks based on how they taste (every snack has to pass our taste test) […]

Get fit. Get outside.

The gorgeous bout of summer weather the UK has enjoyed over the last few weeks means that, if you’re anything like me, you haven’t exactly felt enthusiastic about wasting precious hours of sunlight and pleasant temperatures in a stuffy, air-conditioned gym. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym – I dream of a world […]

The Nutribox-post training nutrition

I am so excited to be reviewing The Nutribox this month. This Sheffield based company makes snacking healthy. All the snacks are gluten free and a lot are raw meaning they are uber healthy!! I had to restrain myself from diving in and scoffing the tasty treats as soon as my Nutribox landed on my […]

The #mumtumbigbum massage!

This week I had my first ever deep tissue sports massage from the one and only Helen McGovern and it was Ah. Ma. Zing! I’ve always had a delicate back but carrying and delivering two full term babies has left it in need of serious attention. So I decided to pay Helen a visit in […]