My Year In Fitness – Day 17 #MYIF2014

I had another session planned with Holly tonight but I had to cancel as baby is teething amd feeling grumpy! Instead I have done a core session by completing this video three times. I have followed Tara Stiles for a few years and really like her videos. Plus I can dream that if I keep […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 16 #MYIF2014

More active travel today to and from toddler group! This picture is just from the journey down so I’ve done double this today. I walked down with a friend meaning we could catch up properly without the hustle and bustle of toddler group! Kids slept on way home. Everyone’s a winner!

My Year In Fitness – Day 14 #MYIF2014

I have been nervous about today since before Christmas. Today my son and I went into his nursery for out first settling in meeting! We walked there and back which was 20 minutes (mainly uphill!) there and 20 minutes back. Because of the nerves I forgot to set my Runkeeper app to track me but […]

My Year in Fitness – Day 7 #MYIF2014

Tonights session was a circuit in my dining room using a medicine ball, free weights and body weight. Pretty tough one but it felt good. It was a full body workout and exercises I included were Burpees Squats Plank walk outs Clock lunges (one leg) Deadlifts Rows Press Ups Will definitely feel this one over […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 6 #MYIF2014

Today Finn and I walked our dog, Noodle, around the village in the rain!! Finn loved being out in the rain and it was nice to spend some time together. This walk fell short of my thirty minutes but we also walked to and from toddler group this morning taking me over my target.