How To Be Healthy In Sheffield

Whether you already live in Sheffield or you are just visiting, there are lots of ways to stay fit, healthy and active in Sheffield. In no particular order, these are my top ten websites to check out to help you stay fit and strong in Sheffield! 1 Nourish – This place is the go to […]

What Is Your Biggest Fitness Challenge?

So last week in my wonderful¬†Facebook group I asked my ladies a question. What is your biggest fitness struggle at the moment? And the biggest response was the option, the motivation to keep going. Which got me thinking. Why do we feel the need to brand ourselves An Exerciser? If you are genuinely struggling with […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 241 #MYIF2014

This morning I have had a 1:1 bike riding session with Pedal Ready. My instructor, Jon, taught me the best route to and from my place of work and the correct positioning on the road. If you live in Sheffield I would really recommend booking a session, I feel much better about my commute now. […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 239 #MYIF2014

Feeling so much stronger and fitter at the moment. Fitness and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. I walked home from soft play with a friend today. The kids napped, we chatted and got some exercise in too. Its much easier when you have someone to exercise with. Who would you like to have […]