My Year In Fitness – Day 165 #MYIF2014

I’ve been looking forward to today’s session all week. Today Holly and I did a hill sprint session. Being in Sheffield we are not lacking on hills so we put them to good use today! Hill sprints are great for everything. They are tough, they burn and they make you feel sick (if not actually […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 96 #MYIF2014

Today was my last day working weekends at Sport Sheffield gym. This means I get precious family time back but also a return to some dedicated personal fitness sessions. I will also be returning to personal training but will only have space for 2 clients so let me know if you want to get booked […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 91 #MYIF2014

Today as part of my 365 day health and fitness blogging challenge I walked 3.5 miles around Dam Flask. It was a lovely day and I invited a friend along to keep me company! Being active with friends really helps with motivation as it passes the time quicker and makes the session a lot more […]

Stunning Summer of Sport inspires The Nutribox to add Sports Box to its Healthy Snack Box Range

The Nutribox is a subscription service providing boxes of healthy snacks to individual and corporate customers. We want to make it easier for people to eat more healthily so we deliver snacks to the home or office door. We choose our snacks based on how they taste (every snack has to pass our taste test) […]

The #mumtumbigbum massage!

This week I had my first ever deep tissue sports massage from the one and only Helen McGovern and it was Ah. Ma. Zing! I’ve always had a delicate back but carrying and delivering two full term babies has left it in need of serious attention. So I decided to pay Helen a visit in […]

The benefits of Personal Training

Personal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and keeping on the right track. I believe that personal training is more than having someone to train with you. A personal trainer can guide you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, including sessions in and out of the gym. Below are five […]