My Year In Fitness – Day 285 #MYIF2014

Today I managed a upper body workout with the sandbag while the kids upturned their toy box in the living room! I did a circuit of Bicep curls Upright row Bent over row Press ups (first time full press ups!!!) Tricep kicks I then did some stretching in the bathroom while the kids had a […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 173 #MYIF2014

I’m feeling much better today so back to the exercise! I’ve done two mini core sessions today. The first one was 20 sec plank 10side v ups 15 small crunches The second was a routine that I’m going to try and do every day for the next 30 days to help improve my core. Reverse […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 83 #MYIF2014

Spent a lovely day pottering around toddler groups garden centres and our garden with the family today. Tonight once the kids were asleep I did a core circuit that included the exercises below. I also did a few more advanced core exercises such as leg lifts, mountain climbers and plank walks. I’m still wheat free […]

Introducing Mum Tum Big Bum

Two pregnancies in two years have obviously taken it toll on my body. Through this upcoming series of Mum Tum Big Bum posts and updates you can follow my progress in strengthening and rehabilitating my body back to full strength. To share this journey with me please sign up to my mailing list or search […]