What Is Your Biggest Fitness Challenge?

So last week in my wonderful Facebook group I asked my ladies a question. What is your biggest fitness struggle at the moment? And the biggest response was the option, the motivation to keep going. Which got me thinking. Why do we feel the need to brand ourselves An Exerciser? If you are genuinely struggling with […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 239 #MYIF2014

Feeling so much stronger and fitter at the moment. Fitness and exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. I walked home from soft play with a friend today. The kids napped, we chatted and got some exercise in too. Its much easier when you have someone to exercise with. Who would you like to have […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 116 #MYIF2014

Spent the day in Manchester today with the family. We parked at the aquatics centre and got the bus into town after looking around the Manchester Museum. After a bit of shopping in the city centre we then chose to walk back to the car as both kids were asleep in their slings! It was […]

My Year In Fitness – Day 91 #MYIF2014

Today as part of my 365 day health and fitness blogging challenge I walked 3.5 miles around Dam Flask. It was a lovely day and I invited a friend along to keep me company! Being active with friends really helps with motivation as it passes the time quicker and makes the session a lot more […]